February 2019 Challenge (beginning February 1st or anytime after)

(To participate, please be familiar with Surya Namaskar A (basic Sun Salutation - see below) and have an understanding of flow practice.)

28 Days
28 Sun Salutations A Day
Only $1/day (lifetime access to the videos)
or included in yearly membership
Watch your body and state of being transform in 28 days.

Beginning February 1, 2019, you will have access to a new practice video daily and can participate whatever time you choose, preferably the same time everyday. Simply log into your account daily to access the newest practice video.

We start Week 1 with a smaller number of consecutive Sun Salutations. Everyday after the completion of the 28 Sun Salutations, we will end practice with some finishing postures and Savasana. The breakdown of each week is below:

Week 1: We begin slowly with 7 sets of 4 consecutive Sun Salutations and a Child’s Pose in between each set.

Week 2: We step up the consecutive Sun Salutations to 7, doing 4 sets with postures in between the sets, along with the Child’s Pose.

Week 3: We flow through 2 sets of 14 Sun Salutations with a series of postures and Child’s Pose in between.

Week 4: Everyday of the final week, we will practice all 28 Sun Salutations consecutively, along with the closing postures and Savasana.

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Please note that on weekends where there is rain or likelihood of rain in Los Angeles, I will not be flying in and there will be no class on either Saturday or Sunday. Always check the schedule to see if there is class. I make most announcements on Facebook about changes or if I do happen to come into town two weeks in a row. Follow my page here.




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