Bunok Kravitz - The Yoga Bunny
International Rose Test Garden - Portland, OR Tittibhasana - Firefly Pose

bunok kravitz

My name is Bunok Kravitz. Say what? Yes, that is my birth name. It sounds kinda like Nanook of the North, but with the "B", of course. No, I did not go to India, find myself and take on a spiritual name (one of the more interesting stories I've been told about myself). I was named after my Korean mother and my father was Polish-American, thus the Kravitz. So why The Yoga Bunny? Bunny was my childhood nickname because so many people have such a hard time saying and remembering it. No one forgets when you say, "theyogabunny.com". Try "bunokkravitz.com". Now you get it.

My yoga story in less than 400 words: 

Years ago, my BFF, Lisa, asked me what my earliest memory was of what I wanted to be when I grew up. According to her psychologist, that is what we should do when we become adults. I laughed. I wanted to be a nun when I was a child for about 3 days. I read the bible, went to church and then decided that a life married to God was not my calling. I spent the next 30 years in creative pursuits, studying ballet, performing in NY and LA black box to Off-Broadway theatres, and being a yuppy in between it all. Never in my life did I want to be a teacher. I certainly didn't think I'd be a yoga and meditation teacher. Those things were mine. I needed them just to survive. I'd like to think they've made me a better, more grounded, kinder person. But the jury is out on that one. Anyway, fast forward to 2007. My marriage was ending with my yoga instructor husband (<this irony is not lost on me) and I had allowed my world to be turned upside-down. I was obsessively practicing yoga and meditating to get through every moment. That's when I realized that I needed to share this information with as many people as I could. My calling to God was not so far from the reality of what I was to become so many years later. So after 30 years of meditation experience, 27 years from my first yoga practice and 12 years of a journey that has changed my life in the most beautiful, and profound of ways, I have taken all of this information and made it even more accessible with the help of technology. Become a member of my website and enjoy the practices!

And for those who need credentials, I am an RYT-200, initiate of Transcendental Meditation, trained in Vipassana/Mindfulness and have extensively studied anatomy and the biomechanics of asana with advanced teachers and chiropractors. Oh, yes, there was also the 12 years of classical ballet training and I am Barre certified.

Iā€™m back in Los Angeles through the end of 2019 for beach yoga on Saturday mornings in Marina del Rey, CA.

Come practice with me in person or virtually!