travel & responsibility

After a one-hour delay, having my seat moved because of two dogs in very close proximity to me, sneezing but thankfully not wheezing through most of the 2 1/2 hour flight, waiting on my Fastbreak vehicle – the "Fast" part clearly not keeping its end of the bargain – and finally discovering that they entrusted all 5'4" of solo me with a hideously large SUV called Durango, I finally arrived at my Airbnb; only ten minutes away from the airport but seemingly miles away from civilization. The one-bedroom cottage is design perfect.  A huge, vibrant, orange maple cascades over a pond outside the living room window, brightly colored chalk scribbled on the chalkboard paint kitchen cabinets informs me of the WiFi password, an Italian espresso stovetop waits patiently next to the dark grinds that will be my solace every morning and a bin that reads, "ALL FOOD SCRAPS/PAPER TOWELS" sits on the kitchen counter for composting, immediately reminding me that I am in the Pacific Northwest. I am a happy girl even though exhausted and looking like the special reindeer. I also have to check myself; you are here to do your work.

Simply put, I'm here to do my yoga thing. I keep reminding myself, throughout my travels, that there is a goal. Yes, I am malleable. My mission and vision are, as well. Rigidity will eventually just crack under the pressure, so remaining open has become a way of living. And yet, some days, even with all of the yoga and meditation, I still feel like I am going to break into pieces when I see how much work needs to be done because of the rampant suffering that only goes away when you close your eyes and pretend. So many endure heinous daily realties; starvation, genocide, extreme violence, and awaking every morning to the darkest side of human nature because of some fucked up "ism". It doesn't matter where they live, the color of their skin, the language that they communicate with, their age, gender, sexuality or beliefs. We are responsible for shedding light on darkness because we are gifted with more light than they. Don't forget that you are blessed beyond measure and your life, your daily existence is part of a communal effort. Actively choose to participate in that effort because that is your job. I will keep reminding you. Because that is my job.