On Meditation

Mindfulness. Yoga Nidra. Pranayama. TM. Kapalabhati. Kundalini. Vipassana. AUM. Chakras. Nadi Shodhana. Sat Nam...This list is endless. This is the language of yoga and meditation. For laymen, this speak can be intimidating, misunderstood and isolating. It's become a commodity in the Western world, especially in large cities, and the bigger it gets the more polarizing it can be. "Spiritual" has become a bad word to those who don't ascribe, and for those who wear the label, the hypocrisy of superiority and elitism exists.  At least this is my perspective. It is this perspective that jumpstarted my heart project: promulgate yoga and meditation in a voice that is inviting, comprehensible and, hopefully, communicated in a way that doesn't send you running for the hills. It is my belief that encouraging a society that meditates will aid in the paradigm shift in which we are currently existing. If the thought, "What the fuck is this woman talking about?" has popped into your head in any way, all I'm saying is that I hope to get everyone meditating because it will make your world and our world a better place to be on a daily basis; thus the paradigm shift. Simple.

I currently have a YouTube channel with some basics yoga videos and guided meditations. To keep with the theme of simplicity, all you have to do is sit down, listen and follow along. I suggest using the meditations in the order of the chakras:

1st Chakra - Grounding through the Root Chakra  

2nd Chakra - Allow More Pleasure Into Your Life

3rd Chakra - Reconnect With Your Own Power

4th Chakra - Heart Center

5th Chakra - Communicate Clearly and Speak Your Truth

6th Chakra - Third Eye

7th Chakra - Connect To Your Higher Self

All 7 Chakras - Intention Setting Guided Meditation (the most used meditation on the channel)

Once you've gotten acquainted with each Chakra, spend time working on areas that you feel need to be addressed in your life. Of course, you can always do any of the meditations whenever you feel. 

I am currently working on more of the aforementioned list at the beginning of this post. Please feel free to make requests, ask questions and share your own experiences in the comments below. There is no question that a meditation revolution is in the works. Let's make it available and accessible to everyone.