The Sunset Salutation Commitment

If you study with me, you know that I hold "challenges" several times a year. These challenges are usually for one month and can be anything from meditating daily for a specific amount of time to getting your practice in everyday for a month. Sometimes dietary changes are added in and sometimes I'll actually do online videos where I am teaching the sequences. The point is always to motivate you to make a commitment to whatever it is we're doing and to be your cheerleader. This month I decided to do something based on a study that I recently read here. In the study, 79 participants performed 24 sun salutations 6 days of the week for a total of 24 weeks. The results proved that this simple sequence practiced on a regular basis improved overall strength in the body, along with general endurance. I, personally, love *Surya Namaskar. It's my favorite thing to do when I'm in a rush and need to move my body. I also love holding Malas at the change of every season. This is quite more challenging; 108 Sun Salutations. Unfortunately, I stopped teaching them last year because too many people were aching, sometimes for days after, because they would push themselves too hard and not take enough rests during the 108. I save these now for my own intention setting process a few times a year, as my body can handle 108 as long as I'm not doing it everyday. 

Anyway, I digress. Back to our challenge, or Commitment, this month. I thought this would be a great way to motivate people to get on their mats, even if it were for just a few minutes a day. I believe that with consistency, you will build strength and one sun salutation will become two and five sun salutations will become ten and then, maybe you'll even get to twenty-something. But just simply doing one is more than you not getting on your mat at all. So I welcome everyone to join in this month and if you're just finding out about it after we've started, join anyway. It's never too late to commit to your practice.

*If you don't have a foundation, my YouTube channel has every posture outlined in its own video and all brought together in the full Surya Namaska A (Basic Sun Salutation) explained. Just watch all of the Yoga 101 vidoes. For those that have a practice, but need a bit of guidance, here's a sample of four guided Sun Salutations that can help you to begin. We end in Mountain Pose, where you can keep going when the video has ended.

As part of our July Sun Salutation Commitment, Nina and I recorded 4 sun salutes to get you started. Nina is doing chaturanga on the knees and cobra and I'm doing the full chaturanga and updog. Keep going once the video ends!