A Yoga Transformation - Before and After

In July of 2018, Brian started coming to my yoga classes at Maya Whole Health, where I’m currently teaching in Renton, WA. He is the father of my videographer/photographer and dear friend, Rob. Brian quickly became “addicted” to the practice and began taking every class that I taught on the schedule. He also bookended the week with the gentle, restorative Monday and Friday classes taught by my friend and fellow yogini, Susan, averaging out about ten classes per week, with double sessions and sometimes triple in a day.

Brian has a long history of physical activity, from gymnastics and baseball as a teen, to kick boxing and Tai Kwon Do in his 30s, to soccer in his 40s. He also has an extraordinarily expansive list of injuries, surgeries, and events that were life threatening beginning as early as his late teens.

After years of surgeries (knee, sinus, carpal tunnel, rotator cuff…to name a few), at 60 years old, Brian found himself addicted to prescription morphine because of complications from a spinal fusion. As if the Universe hadn’t handed him enough in the way of health issues, three years later, he had brain surgery to remove a pituitary tumor.

At 64, he felt unhealthy, in physical pain, and was peaking at a weight of 248lbs. This is when he realized it was time to take his life back. Before he began his yoga practice, he had already lost 14lbs through dietary changes. As of this writing, he is down another 26 and almost at his goal weight.

In Brian’s own words: “Magic happened for me when Bunok Kravitz moved to the Seattle area in 2018 and started teaching at Maya Whole Health in Renton…I believe I will look back in 20 years at age 85 and see yoga and Bunok Kravitz as a game-changer in my life.  I am comfortable with myself in the honest spiritual world I have settled upon; but I also expect growth in that area.  But – perhaps especially for a 65-year-old – I don’t see anything that will do for me what yoga will do for me and has proven so already.  I think it would have been a game-changer years ago as a young athlete; and I think it’s a game-changer for those of us who have had major surgeries and injuries.  Bunok would probably hate it (because they are such whiners), but if I was Pete Carroll, I would have the entire Seattle Seahawks team in Bunok’s yoga [classes] every day.”

Just a side note, I can handle whiners, Brian. :)

And more importantly, I am honored to be a part of your yoga journey. Your metamorphosis has been inspiring and beautiful to witness. Thank you for that and for always bringing a smile to class with you.